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Customers Give Bibs Five-star Reviews on the Amazon Website

EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs Announcement

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 10, 2015 ) Newalla, OK — Parents are making their views known about the launch of the duo-packaged EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs that are featured on the Amazon website. The food-grade silicone bibs have received five-star reviews from parents who claim that the bibs have reduced the time they once spent laundering bibs and cleaning up after their baby’s meal.

One of the customers commented by saying, “I got a package of [the EZ-Clean silicone] bibs as a gift. . . . These are great! They have great coverage . . . [because] there’s no bleed-through of food onto clothes. . . . [T]he pocket stays open and keeps food from falling in the lap. . . . Another big plus is how adjustable they are . . . . [They can be used for both baby and toddler.]”

Another customer provided the following feedback. She said, “I love this bib! It is super flexible so it folds up nicely for travel, plus it won’t get moldy. . . . Also, I [can] easily wash it in a sink, making it perfect of hotel stays . . . There is a large row of buttons, making it adjustable for any size.” She said she preferred the buttons because, unlike Velcro, they did not pull on her daughter’s hair.

Most of the customers liked the catch-all pocket on the bibs that remained open, all which reduced food messes by as much as 90%. The bib, according to the company, catches all kinds of food messes, including residue from soup and other similar foods.

One customer commented that she had four kids and therefore had tried out a variety of bibs. However, she believes the EZ-Clean Silicone bibs are superior because they are manufactured with food-grade silicone – a material that is dishwasher-safe, water and food resistant, and adequately protects clothing from staining.

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