Happy Healthy Parent Allows Parents A Great Way To Connect Via Social Media

Brand New Social Media Sites to Assist Parents

July 10, 2015 – Newalla, OK (FRIENDLY BRIEFS) — In today’s environment, social media forums are the fastest and easiest way to find out information. With this in mind, Happy Healthy Parent is the latest company to get information out to parents using their social media pages. The company has a presence on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/happyhealthyparent), YouTube, and Pinterest.

This generation of parents with young children now in the house has had a majority of their lives spent connected to the internet. They definitely know how to find information online via searches. However, they have learned that connecting to their friends and peers on social media sites could be an even better way to find out information and tips. Many of these parents go straight to their social media accounts when they need to find out something new, using their friends and peers as a sounding board or forum panel to answer questions and give advice.

“Online searches are basically one-way streets,” says Lindsay Packard, vice president of media for Happy Healthy Parent. “Social media accounts allow people to have conversations with other people to make discovering information more relevant. You can actually communicate with other people and use all of the details of the topic to uncover the best information. It makes the internet seem more personal.”

Pinterest is rolling all social media features together

The Pinterest page for Happy Healthy Parent (https://www.pinterest.com/happyhealthypar/) will include all of these benefits in one place. Nearly all of Pinterest’s users are women, and many of the users are mothers. Being able to access information about great products, parenting tips, kid-friendly recipes, and even activities for the family makes Happy Healthy Parent’s Pinterest page a great page to follow and find useful things for the kids.

There is one big down side to all of this access to social media. Getting off of it can be quite a challenge as it seems like there is never an end to keeping up to date.

About Happy Healthy Parent

Happy Healthy Parent is a company focused on parenting young children. Their philosophy is simple, which is to have happy kids and happy parents. The about us (https://www.happyhealthyparent.com/about-us/) page on their website discusses what they are about and the products they offer.

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