Happy Healthy Parent Baby Bibs Save Parents Time And Money

Amazon Site Showcases Food-grade Silicone Bibs

EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs by Happy Healthy Parent

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 24, 2015 ) Newalla, OK — The duo-packaged silicone bibs that are offered on the Amazon website by the Healthy Happy Parent Company have been shown to save parents time and money, according to company officials.

A company spokesperson recently commented on the benefits offered by using food-grade silicone bibs over cloth bibs. She said, “Our 100% food-grade silicone bibs that our company features are made to save parents time and money. Unlike bibs made of cloth that stain and absorb odors, Happy Healthy Parent bibs are made to catch food crumbs and debris and are stain-resistant as well.”

She added, “The bibs feature a large open pocket on the front that keeps falling food from spilling on the floor.”

According to the company, the bibs that are featured on the Amazon website come in the colors of Turquoise and Lime Green and are made to be washed in the dishwasher versus the washing machine. Company officials add that the bibs can be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher for quicker cleaning and re-use.

Industry executives who make food-grade silicone products state that food-grade silicone is a safe and effective material to use in the manufacture of cookware, bakeware, kitchen utensils and baby bibs. Food-grade silicone, according to executives, does not contain carcinogenic and unsafe toxins such as BPA and PVC. One company executive said, “Research studies have found that food-grade silicone has not been shown to be environmentally or physically harmful.”

The Happy Healthy Parent Company, which provides its baby bibs in a duo package, says that the bibs meet the company’s mission and purpose to sell products that are sustainable, safe, reusable and economical.

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Happy Healthy Parent is a company focused on parenting young children. Their philosophy is simple, which is to have happy kids and happy parents. The about us page on their website discusses what they are about and the products they offer.
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