Tangerine Freeze and Ready Food Container

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Product Description

Are you going through all of the effort to make homemade food for your baby, but then get frustrated with the containers?
The Freeze and Ready Food Container-Tangerine from Happy Healthy Parent makes it a lot easier to manage!

When you have gone through all of the work to prepare healthy, homemade food, you want to have equal proportions ready-to-go when it’s time to feed your baby. Dealing with plastic ice cube trays can be very frustrating. The food can freeze together, get stuck, or all come out at once. Our freezer storage containers are made of safe food grade silicone, so the food is easier to get out!Just run warm water on the bottom.

Freezer burn and spills can be prevented.
Unlike ice cube trays, the plastic clip-on lid keeps moisture in, meaning the food stays fresher, longer. If you accidentally tip it, the food stays inside!

Get 7-days of food ready to go!
With seven 2.5 oz cups in the honeycomb layout, a serving for each day of the week can be prepared at one time. Having multiple containers means you can easily make food for every meal of the week!

When your baby has outgrown the need for homemade baby food, use the tray to portion toddler meals or make popcicles, or even use it to make mini cakes or crispy rice marshmallow treats!

Easy to Clean!
As with all of our products, easy to clean is a must! Top-rack dishwasher safe, or just rinse with hot, soapy water!

You will get our LIFETIME GUARANTEE because we are confident that you are going to love our Freeze and Ready Food Container!

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