The Happy Healthy Parent Company Eases Parental Woes With Food-grade Silicone Bibs

Bibs are Stain-resistant and Dishwasher Safe

1_1438667919_194478(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Newalla, OK — The Happy Healthy Parent Company, based in Newalla, Oklahoma, has just announced the release of their duo-packaged silicone bibs on the website. A spokesperson for the company said the lime green and turquoise silicone bibs are made of easy-care food-grade silicone, which resists food and drink stains and can be easily washed clean. He added that the bibs come with a catch-all pocket so crumbs and bits of foods are caught in the pocket and not spilled onto the floor.

A representative for the company, Sam Packard, further elaborated on the bibs. He said, “The Happy Healthy Parent Company is devoted to making parenting both fun and easier. With the introduction of their EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs, the company is meeting its mission purpose of providing a product that makes for a happier family life.” Packard added, “These premium bibs are dishwasher safe and can be easily rolled up when parents are traveling.”

The company says that parents that buy more than one package of the bibs will receive free shipping on the Amazon website. According to the company, buying the silicone-manufactured bibs reduces such issues as mildew or extra laundering time, both which can be problems when bibs are made of cloth or feature cloth-covered seams. The Happy Healthy Parent Company suggests buying a stroller organizer for the bibs when parents are dining out or traveling.

Even though the bibs come in just two colors right now, the company is looking to provide the silicone bibs in different colors. With the colors being more generic at this time, the next colors could be more gender specific, so girl colors may be on the way.

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Happy Healthy Parent is a company focused on parenting young children. Their philosophy is simple, which is to have happy kids and happy parents. The about us page on their website discusses what they are about and the products they offer.
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